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Not sure you want to pull the trigger, see what our customers are saying about the TruBond line of taxidermy tanning products.

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I just finished my black bear back-skin, and it looks great! The hide is very soft and supple, I’ll definitely be using TruBond products next time!


Wanted to Thank You for my order, Your products are Outstanding!

I have to say I’ve never felt so good about sewing, until working with your products. I know I wrote on here once about how pleased I am with the products I ordered. TruBond truly by far is the best tanning products I’ve ever used. I will definitely be ordering more!

Wright Way Taxidermy

I have to give credit where deserved.  I started using TruBond 1000B, the Lipa-solve Degreaser they have and oil. WOW. The degreaser rocks.2 bear in no time the grease was gone.  The degreaser penetrates right now.  The TruBond tan was unreal!  I used the rug formula and with an otter little to no break. The oil penetrates nice and pleasant smell.  Keep it up TruBond Tanning Products, set the standard for tanning products.  I am hooked!! 


I have been tanning all my whitetail capes with TruBond 1000 ... this year and can say nothing but good things about it. Also started doing custom tanning for other taxidermists and they are amazed and the final product. Thanks for the great product!


Thanks guys just as easy as I thought it would be. I have really pushed your product line. It is great stuff as far as I’m concerned. If you home tan this is the best tan.


I absolutely HATE changing things. I like to find something I’m comfortable with and stick with it. I’ve used Lutan F for years and refused to try anything new. I was talking with Dennis Bragg and he actually talked me into trying some TruBond 1000. I ordered some and tried it on a whitetail the other day and I was pleasantly surprised. I know I’ll be buying some more. Easy to use, doesn’t stink like other brush ons I’ve tried, leaves a nice white tanned skin, and had plenty of stretch.

GREAT first experience!


Thanks for taking the time to talk with me on your product line and provide a wealth of knowledge here and by phone. Bucks-n-Ducks will be placing an order very soon!! I can already tell these folks will be great to work with! 

     Order came right on in and I applied and sweated overnight and came out with a very white stretchy skin, should be a pleasure to mount, now if that darned form would get here. Will let you know how it goes.

     Tanned out very nice and mounted well. Will be ordering more that’s for sure.


I just finished up two rattlesnake skins with the TruBond 1000B and they came out great! Very nice leather skins!


I have tried TruBond and a few other tanning products and TruBond wins. I love the white color, the great stretch and the smell. It is like walking into a leather goods shop.


I really like this tan, easy peasy, bada boom bada bing!


Mounted three deer yesterday. What a day. I had one that I attempted a re-tan on. It was tanned with Rinehart’s. It never fully relaxed when I went through a process of re-tanning. it WAS A STIFF PAIN IN THE BUTT. I mounted one dp and one tanned with TruBond 1000. By far the TruBond was the best. I’m sold on this tan-end of story. SO GLAD I TRIED IT.


I’ve used the backskin (TruBond1000B) tan to tan a grey fox and a snake skin. Both turned out great!


Well, my neighbor told me to put a match to the TruBond 1000. He promised it would light- IT DIDNT! I can’t explain the relief i feel knowing my tan will not leave me with headaches.

     I admit I’m not a pro at tanning and I’ve been through a looooong learning process. What I’ve learned is that all tans are not the same and NO TAN IVE TRIED IS IN THE SAME BALL PARK OF THIS TRUBOND STUFF.

     I have honestly changed nothing with my process with the exception of my tan. NO PROBLEMS. SO……WAS I A DUMMY OR WAS IT THE TAN? I DON’T KNOW BUT I KNOW MY PROBLEMS HAVE BEEN SOLVED SINCE I STARTED USING THIS TAN-PERIOD!


     Just another thumbs up for TruBond 1000. I just finished tanning my first deer hide with it and what a treat. The hide came out way better then my previous hides tanned with EZ-100.


Best tan I’ve ever used, period!

Paul E

I absolutely HATE changing things. I like to find something I’m comfortable with and stick with it. I’ve used Lutan f for years and refused to try anything new. I was talking with Dennis Bragg and he actually talked me into trying some TruBond 1000. I ordered some and tried it on a whitetail the other day and I was pleasantly surprised. I know I’ll be buying some more.

Red Wolf

I’ve tanned 7 coons, 1 grey fox, 1 coyote, 9 beaver, 3 possums and a skunk for wallhangers so far this trapping season with 1000B, saftee acid and Lipa solve 55 and it does a great job, the skins are softer than anything I’ve tried before. And I don’t have a shaver or tumbler, all were hand shaved. Couple of the 25lb+ coons gave me fits with the fat and grease but I managed to get em done and they came out fine in the end. Good stuff.


I tanned my first two capes with TruBond 1000 today. The tan came to my house today and Thank God it wasn’t in one of those big mouth bottles. Very easy pouring, no mess, no waste. I also tanned a cape with the remaining tan i have used for the last year. No, I won’t say the brand name as this post is not about bashing or promoting anyone’s tan. I followed the directions that came with my TruBond. My pickle stayed between 1-2 on these capes, however, TruBond instructions say keep your pickle between 2-2.5. I didn’t get my TruBond till after this cape was pickled and shaved. I don’t know why on the pH  BUT will be mindful of the pH when doing my next batch. I neutralized per instructions.

     A slow but thorough color change took place with the TruBond capes. A more rapid color change occurred with the other tan.

     For kicks I just stretched the neck (width wise of course) to see what would happen. Obviously while damp with the tan, all of them stretched somewhat. The Trubond really did outstretch the others BIG TIME. I have stretched the necks before on capes just to see if id get back to original size. Never has a cape of mine stretched as easily as the one i tanned with TB1000. I will put these capes in the fridge over night and rinse in the morning. I will be mounting the deer tanned with TruBond 1000 just as soon as I help load a customer’s elk in the morning.

     I don’t have as much experience tanning (2 years) and now what real stretch is. I assumed stretch was tugging like heck to get 1 inch. I honestly think I could stretch that TruBond cape 3 inches. Not that I would. Never have I know that kind of stretch. I will post an honest evaluation after I mount the deer. It will be a 86-70-19L with a cape that measures 19″.


I’ve ordered 6 gallons from the on-line site and it’s easy and it will guide you real easy on how to do it. As for the product, well I’ve been on these forums for a long time and Trubond is one of my favorite tanning products to use. As in many other statements on here I only stand behind a product that works and will say and tell folks if a product was a waste of my time.


I’ve tried Aubrey cape tan on Whitetail deer, Mule deer, Elk, Bears, Raccoons, Fishers, Coyotes, Bobcats. I’ve used the back hide tan on Whitetail hides, Elk hides, Bear rugs, Bobcat rugs and Coyote rugs, and I can only say good things about his products. The cape tan produces great stretch, it’s a nice sewing leather to work with. The back hide tan is unreal!!! Little or no breaking required and excellent results every time. I have experienced zero hair slippage or any epidermal skin problems with any of these products. If you do your own tanning and go with the 5 gallon approach you’ll find nothing more reasonably priced. Their new degreaser is also a GREAT product you will need half as much to do the same job.


Just tanned 6 wt capes today with TruBond1000.

     Here is what I noticed so far, when I used McKenzie tan, I always had a lot of runoff, of oil left on the counter.

     With TB1000 everything soaked in, there was nothing left on counter after I bagged hides to go in the fridge.

     Everything I put on soaked in.

     Tomorrow I will rinse, tumble and test fit. Can’t wait to mount one.


I haven’t mounted yet but did tan up two extra capes just to get a feel for it. I like what I’m seeing so far. I was extremely impressed with how fast it absorbed into the skin. It didn’t just lie on top, it penetrated deep and very quickly.


Thank you Trubond for such a great product. These capes are very soft and flexible with great work-ability plus they smell great with no foul odor like some tans.

Mitch O.

400 Pound Black Bear tanned using Permatan 2000 and Lubri-Stretch 2000 tanning oil. Amazing results for rugging. I would put these products up against any commercial tan I’ve seen or even better. I only own a 55 gallon tumbler and there was very little breaking involved. This is an old male and usually I spend 2 or 3 hours to break, this one took a half hour.

Mark V.

Another cape tanned with Trubond tanning products. Thank you Justin for the great tech support also, top notch company in my book!

Mark O.